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I have many interests, discomforts trapped in this current existence.
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Unidentified cookiesz -[-_-]-
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So another good night out, and I managed to get a snap before I went out this time thanks to @vivian_tanaka #Seduction 

#ootn #naturalhair #twa
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Last nights outfit and yess it was a Success, first event in Coventry no fights broke out and the vibe was a good one.

This picture was taken at the end of the night, I was full of sweat and I surely though my make up rubbed off but thanks to make up setting spray and holding spray for my hair nothing wiped off or reverted 🎉🎉 

#naturalhair #ootn #curlyhair #haironfleek #twa
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So i was nominated by my sexy mama @vannilae_ to do the natural beauty tag. Only photo in my phone right now that I could find cahh had to make space for this ios8. I nominate  @b_beec @msloloashley @msamyruth  @momobadu @leanneshay @vivian_tanaka @kaiyamilan @tee_theuniquelyblessed @_rxks @missshanicesmith @_coco_rouge_ @bellonce__ @shay_parisian @darealshan @somethingbylou @callmedea @deborahliani @laurenlevi_ @lis__x @laceyretrobeauty @rhea_bianca @sam_e_joe_ @samia_banks @bria.nycole @biancamuny
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The expression on my face says it all about last night tbh ✌️
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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my nia long @samia_banks i had to get a pic of her in Liberty cos she was my flat mate when I started Coventry. I annoyed her with my singing and she came to me for hair advice and i acted like i knew what i was talking bout but really had no clue and still dont know bahahah. Although I havent seen much of this bighead this year she has become a very good friend and a long term one at that. Dont have to speak to someone every day to know they have your back because we are all busy. I hope you enjoyed you born day sis 😘😘😘
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App I looked like Rihanna in this picture and I was like ” what do i have a big forehead” LOOOL

Love off guard pics though 😁
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#throwback to Jules and Rudy bbq for lil Jamiah’s 1st bday 🎉

Met a lot of new people that day such a calm vibe ohh
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